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Like scripture ft.Tobias Zaldua


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今作はKirsty Hawkshawなども所属しているイギリスのトップレーベル「Wellhead Records」
から「Tobias Zaldua / トビアス ザルドュア」をゲストとして迎え入れた渾身の作品である。オーケストラサウンドを中心とした壮大なトラックと Tobias Zalduaのリリックそしてボーカルは必聴!全世界のリスナーへ向けたメッセージ。

Tobias Zaldua

When I first heard Nave’s track I was drawn in by the threatening nature of the opening bars.

It seemed like there was an emotional struggle hidden in that introduction, lots of repressed energy. Then instead of releasing that energy the tune switches to what sounds like a gathering of forces, dark clouds on the horizon. There is an undefined threat, almost militaristic. Something significant is about to happen, a life changing decision.

Then suddenly it breaks, there’s a release, the tone switches, the tune lifts. It felt like a positive shift, a new energy, new possibilities. Later the opening refrain recurs but it seems much less dark, as if an issue has been resolved.

I wanted to reflect that in the melody and the lyrics.

For me it’s about the moment of clarity when you step outside of a routine, think more emotionally, more intuitively. How quickly life can reshape itself, and old routines seem surreal.

The idea is that we actually are the centre of our own universe, we shouldn’t let let others design it for us. If life seems to be going wrong, maybe it’s because you are leading someone else’s life. It’s no coincidence that in early computing a routine was an element of a larger program.

It’s also about taking control even in the smallest moments, to enjoy the walk through the rain as much as being home again.



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